Warranty Information

We offer a minimum of 90 days warranty on all the TVs we sell. Some other types of electronics will carry a full year from the manufacturer, such as the Yamaha, Denon and Boston Acoustics items we sell. We also offer extended warranties on our products with prices starting at only $10! When you purchase your TV, you will have the option to purchase an additional 6 months to 2 years of extended protection. Our warranties have a repair or replacement guarantee if your product is defective (see complete details of warranty for full terms and conditions as some exclusions apply). There are no deductibles or hidden charges, just the one time upfront payment for the warranty. The extended warranties are also fully transferable if you ever sell or give your TV to someone in the future.

All warranties are serviced at our Las Vegas, NV location, so you`ll never have to call any foreign call center. We offer these extended plans on any of our HDTVs as well as our other electronics like Apple iPads, Macbooks, iMacs, Mac Minis, Blu Ray players, Home Theater systems, and more! If you don`t purchase the extended warranty at the time of purchase, you will have 30 days to come back and add the extended warranty to your purchase.

Just keep in mind that the extended warranty does have some limitations including, but not limited to, not covering physical damage. So if your child throws a Wii remote through the TV or it falls off your wall mount or you drop it when moving it, none of those things would be covered through the warranty. If you have any other questions about the extended warranty options call our warranty department at 702-451-7000 or text us at 618-791-4522 or email us at vegashdtv@gmail.com. Thanks!

Full Terms and Conditions of Extended Warranties